sábado, 20 de enero de 2007

Hasta dónde puede llegar el ridículo de los estudios sobre ecología

Sin más comentarios que el artículo, sacado de la web del mismísimo Ministerio de Agricultura danés.

The assessment of the environmental impact per product can also be used for comparison of products, or for assessing the environmental impacts from composite products. The report shows the result for the composite product "A sandwich with cheese and ham". All products are produced by conventional farming.

One kilo of cheese would impact the environment less than ham, and for all environmental impact categories except for photochemical ozone, also less than bread. By increasing the consumption of cheese and bread and reducing the consumption of ham, considerable environmental improvement can be obtained, considering the present regulation of the milk market. If the quota regulation of the milk production in Denmark was abolished, it would be the cheese rather than the ham that should be reduced to get the most environmentally friendly sandwich.


¿¿¡¡Environmentally friendly sandwich!!??